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8 Breaths  Air quality is a nebulous, hard to grasp concept, and leaves many of us disempowered – what simple actions can we do to improve the air we breathe?  Katherine McGavin and Mariana Galan Tanes, have come up with an imaginative, entertaining and thought-provoking way to get us more engaged. July 2017 16′ 34″ 7.8MB

Grace Adam Andrew Stuck interviewed Grace Adam to find out what had been her motivation, in creating the installation called “Out of the Woods…Words to navigate by”. 20’05” 9.5MB February 2018. Listen to Grace’s 20×20 Vision for walking in 2040.

2014Bill Aicthison Performing artist Bill Aitchison, while on a residency in Dubrovnik, started studying the myriad of guided walking tours offered to the throngs of tourists attracted to its historic centre.  His interest has turned in to a performance he calls the “Tour of all tours” in which he reviews guided walking tours offered by others. This interview was published in January 2015 25′ 51″ 12.1MB

Carolyn Affleck Youngs co-authored “Walking to Japan” with her now deceased husband, Derek Youngs.  Carolyn took a walking holiday on the Camino de Santiago, in northern Spain, where she met and eventually fell in love with Derek Youngs, himself a long time pilgrim, who walked for peace.  Carolyn has quite a story of long walking of her own. 18’25” 8.7MB Listen Carolyn’s 20×20 Vision of walking in 2040.

IMG_0056Jess Allen Jess Allen is a dancer and walking artist from Aberystwyth researching walking in rural landscapes as an eco-activist dance practice. This interview was published in August 2014. 27′.38″ 13MB

Jess Allen  [5 year walking forecast – December 2013] 5’04” 2.4MB

Kerri Andrews Writer and academic Kerri Andrews has recently written “Wanderers: A History of Women Walking” that challenges the male-dominated history of walking. Drawing on her own experience of hill walking and through research, she has written a compelling book that includes intriguing stories about women walkers since the early 18th century. 24’33” 11.5MB

Tony Armstrong  Tony Armstrong of Living Streets, Britain’s leading campaigners on behalf of the pedestrian talks about how they are lobbying the government for better streets. This interview was recorded in December 2008. 19’24” 9.1 MB

Bram Thomas Arnold Bram Thomas Arnold and Eleanor Wynne Davis talk to Andrew Stuck about their collaboration at the Sideways Walking and Art Festival in Belgium in 2012. Recorded in 2012. 20’30” 9.6MB

ARTIFACTS ARTIFACTS: Pam Patterson & Leena Raudvee in conversation with Andrew Stuck, talking about collaboration, creativity, reflection and process, in light of their recent work: “Listening: On the Architecture of Ageing”. Recorded August 2017 at Made of Walking in La Romieu, France. 24’14” 11.4MB Listen to Pam Patterson’s 20×20 Vision of walking in 2040.

Len Banister  Len Banister, a founder member and now chair of the Greater London Ramblers’ Forum, and a prolific walk route deviser and author, accompanies Andrew Stuck on a walk through Walthamstow. Recorded October, 2010 Published November 2011 20’08” 9.5 MB

Len Banister’s forecast [5 year walking forecast – September 2013] 3’50” 1.8MB

Matthew Beaumont Matthew Beaumont, a scholar and Professor in English Literature at University College London and author of the bestselling book called “Nightwalking, a Nocturnal History of London”.  22’17”  10.4MB Listen to Matthew Beaumont’s 20×20 Vision of walking in 2040.

Daniel Beerstecher Daniel Beerstecher is a walking artist from Germany.  Over the last few years, he has been focussing on walking slowly, very slowly – just two metres a minute.  In our conversation, we explore why and how he has achieved this, as well as how it has changed him personally, and how it has changed the way others see him. 24’13” 11.3MB

Terence Bendixson Terence Bendixson is the President of Living Streets, formerly the UK’s Pedestrian’s Association. One of the world’s longest serving activists, he argues that street pattern and layout are critical in encouraging or limiting pedestrian activity. In 1974 he wrote a prescient book entitled “Instead of cars”.

Terence Bendixson 3’23” 1.6MB [5 year walking forecast – November 2013]

Dr William Bird  Dr William Bird, the creator of health walks, joins Andrew Stuck on a walk around St James’ Park London on a bright January day. In this interview William tells us about how he prescribing health walks to his patients in a diabetic clinic has evolved into a national campaign to get us all outdoors. 22’5″10.4MB

Elena Biserna Elena Biserna is an Italian researcher and curator who lives in Marseille. In 2022 she completed and published two compendia, one called “Going Out: walking, listening, sound making”, and the other “Walking with Scores”. 14.3MB 30’26”

Tom Bolton Tom Bolton is seeking out on foot the routes of eight hidden rivers in London, compiling a treasure trove of little known facts, which he is bringing together in a book, part guide part journal that will be published in May 2011. Andrew Stuck accompanies him along part of the route of the River Effra, from Crystal Place to Norwood, in south London – we only encounter the sound of the river as it flows beneath a manhole cover in Norwood New Town. 19′ 50″ 9.3MB Listen to Tom Bolton’s 20×20 Vision of walking in 2040.

Cândida Borges Cândida Borges is a Brazilian composer, pianist and music educator whose interests have evolved into transmedia art. Following a discovery from a DNA test that her ancestors had migrated from all corners of the world she conceived “Transeuntis Mundi”, a concept for an immersive experience based on recording the everyday walking practices of people in five cities across the world to investigate cultural transformation through time. 22’27” 10.5MB

Sonya Brennan Sonya Brennan tells her story of how she came to taking up Nordic Walking as well as candidly revealing her motivations. 19’54’’ 9.3MB

Jenny Budd  Jenny Budd is the Health Walks Coordinator in Lewisham, in south east London. She talks about how her work encourages hundreds of people to get walking for their better health, and how she thinks she has one of the best jobs in the world. The interview was recorded in June 2008. 15′ 45″ 7.4MB

Gail Burton  Walk Walk Walk: an archaeology of the familiar and the forgotten – is a live art project of Gail BurtonSerena Korda and Clare Qualmann 17′ 32″ 8.3MB

Justin Butcher Walked for 5 months covering 2,000 miles from London to Jerusalem, leading the Just Walk. It marked the centenary of the Balfour Declaration when the British Government announced their support for a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. 22’38” 10.6MB

Bibi Calderaro Bibi Calderaro is an Argentinian artist and forest therapist, living in Brooklyn, USA, who has recently devised a number of sensory walks on behalf of the US National Park Service in 2015/6. 20’23” 10.9MB

Reg Carremans Reg Carremans was the only Belgian artist to complete the 375km Sideways 2012 Walking and Art Festival route across Flanders. He wore canvas on the soles of specially adapted walking boots to gather multiple impressions for a series of ‘landscape paintings’ displayed en route. Interviewed on the Festival route in August 2012 16’10” 7.6MB

Bill Chandler  Bill Chandler from Melbourne, was founder and convenor of the Australian Urban Design Forum. He talks about the evolution of walking professionals in Australia and how design of the urban environment and the marketing of ideas to promote walkable communities are of intrinsic value. The interview was recorded In August 2008 in London. 18′ 53″ 8.9 MB

Bill Chandler’s 5 year walking forecast [5 year walking forecast – December 2013] 5’57″ 2.8MB

Lottie Child, Lottie Child is a participatory performance artist who has devised “Street Training”, in which adults and young people learn how to be more playful in our streets. Through Street Training participants, young and old, learn how to let go of the social mores, testing the confines of what is considered normal behaviour in our cities and streets.  Lottie has helped the Metropolitan Police, amongst others, to have a better understanding of young people’s desire to play. 20′ 29″ 9.6MB

Marion Child Marion Child, a Head of Service in the Alzheimer’s Society operations team talks about walking challenges, set up in part to raise money, but also to provide support for families and friends of those living with dementia. 20’11” 9.7MB

Horatio Clare Horatio Clare In a candid conversation, Horatio Clare writer, radio presenter and producer shares his enthusiasms for slow walking and how it makes compelling radio listening, as well as talking about his writing about nature and travel, and how walking through the landscape are critical to his work. 25’45” 12.1MB

Ben Clifford Ben Clifford, was almost stranded in Melbourne at the beginning of lockdown. He returned home to Croydon on almost the last flight leaving Australia. With time on his hands, he began mapping and walking the parish boundaries of this large outer London borough. 25’ 10″ 11.8 MB

 Jack Cornish Jack Cornish is a programme manager for the “Don’t Lose Your Way” campaign at Ramblers, the UK charity promoting walking and defending rights of way. That’s the ‘day job’, but there is much more walking in Jack than just from 9 to 5. 22’06” 10.4MB

Viv Corringham  Viv Corringham a British vocalist and sound artist, currently based in Minnesota, USA. Her work includes music performances, audio installations and soundwalks. 22’52” 10.7MB

Nick Cowen Nick Cowen, a Senior Rights of Way officer on a walk to inspect a bridleway in south Wiltshire that has been recently cleared by a contractor. Nick is an accomplished photographer and musician and has recently turned his hand to writing about his work as seen through the eyes of an early nineteenth century pedestrian tourist. The interview was recorded in September 2009. 19′ 40″ 9.2MB

Linda Cracknell Linda Cracknell is an author who is about to have published “Doubling Back–Ten paths trodden in memory” a moving memoir where she retraces ten walks undertaken by others, from the Highlands of Scotland to the Swiss Alps and Kenya. 13.8MB 29’38”

Fran Crowe Fran Crowe has been collecting 46,000 pieces of plastic that have been washed up on the beach near Thorpeness in Suffolk – she goes out for walks each day to collect the detritus of our modern world. Andrew Stuck from Rethinking Cities joins her on a walk along the shingle beach as she goes prospecting. Recorded August 2010. 20’02” 9.4MB

Kristie Daniel is Programme Director for the Liveable Cities Programme delivered by Healthbridge a Canadian NGO.  Healthbridge were multi-award winners in the 2015 Walk21 Visionary Awards, for projects in developing countries in Asia and Africa, where they are working with local groups to create public spaces and improve non-motorised access to them. 26’22” 13MB  Listen to Kristie Daniel’s 20×20 Vision of walking in 2040

John Davies John Davies a Church of England vicar in Norris Green, Liverpool talks about his walk beside the M62 from east to west which he undertook in 2007. Recorded over the Internet in February 2009 and published in February 2010. 21’30” 10.1 MB

Eleanor Wynne Davis Bram Thomas Arnold and Eleanor Wynne Davis talk to Andrew Stuck about their collaboration at the Sideways Walking and Art Festival in Belgium in 2012. Recorded in August 2012. 20’30” 9.6MB

Des de Moor  Des de Moor on his walk to work at The Ramblers, where Des is Senior Everyday Walking officer. It was recorded early in the morning on a bright day in December 2008. 23’42” 11.1MB

Anne Devine  Anne Devine, a Catskills based artist, part social activist, part expeditionary, talks about how she incorporates walking in her art practice: Wild adventures from crossing her local streets to the shores of Cape Canaveral and to high altitudes in the Sierras. 19’02” 8.9MB

Anne Devin’e 5 year walking forecast [5 year walking forecast – November 2013] 6’10″ 2.9MB

Anna Dighero Not to be frustrated by the restrictions of the pandemic, contemporary dancer Anna Dighero sought means by which she could keep in touch with physically-distanced friends, creating audio stories that they could walk in their local neighbourhoods. 19’15” 9.0MB

Rachael Elliott‘s 20×20 Vision for walking

Rachel Epp Buller Rachel Epp Buller is an inter-disciplinary artist based in Kansas in the United States. She is the recipient of two Fulbright scholarships, the latest of which she went to wintry Edmonton in north west Canada to make a piece of walking art called “One Hundred Days of Walking”. Her piece has now been shortlisted for the inaugural Marŝarto Award for Walking Art. 18’11” 8.5MB

Simone Etter Swiss artist Simone Etter’s ‘Walk Book’ is full of techniques to disorientate you, not necessarily to get you lost, but to muddle your thoughts, even on a familiar route.16’38” 7.8MB

George Ferguson CBE George Ferguson CBE, an architect in the Bristol practice of Ferguson MannArchitects and Richard Holden, a planner with Bristol City Council join Andrew Stuck for a walk along the Brunel Mile in Bristol. Recorded on a blustery September day in 2008. This interview was recorded before George served as Mayor of Bristol. 19’05” 8.9 MB

Jacquetta Fewster is the Walking for Health Project Manager for MacMillan Cancer SupportWalking for Health is England’s largest network of Health Walk schemes providing opportunities for all kinds of people to become and stay active, including those affected by cancer and longterm health conditions. [5 year walking forecast – November 2013] 3’38” 1.7MB

Peter Fiennes talks about the travel writers that he most admires, a dozen of whom he has ‘accompanied’ in his latest bestselling book: “Footnotes: A Journey Round Britain in the Company of Great Writers”. 19’57” 9.3MB

George Fort Walking along London’s Regent’s canal in Hackney with George Fort who has been developing a digital platform called “Placecloud”. Placecloud is all about animating the places through which we walk with place-specific recordings (‘placecasts’) written by writers, artists, scholars and everyday people. 19’24” 9.1MB

Martin Foessleitner Martin Foessleitner is an Information Designer living in Vienna. Martin discusses how he came to design the city’s way marking system and how when providing information to those on foot, less is more. 26’45” 12.5MB

Hamish Fulton  Hamish Fulton studied St Martin’s College of Art in the mid 1960s, and has been categorised as a conceptual artist, a land artist, a sculptor and a photographer, but he sees himself as a Walking Artist. 13′ 51″ 6.5 MB

Clara Gari Clara Gari, the founder of the Nau Côclea Contemporary Art centre and of The Grand Tour, an annual nomadic walking art residency that Clara has developed over the last eight years. 22’23” 10.5MB

Bradley Garrett Bradley Garrett describes himself as a ‘professional trespasser’ who has been exploring many hidden places and spaces ‘where we are not supposed to be’. 10.9 MB 23’14” Listen to Bradley Garrett’s 20×20 Vision for walking in 2040.

Tim Hagyard Tim Hagyard a planner and urban designer, took a career break in 2013, to devise and walk a 1500 mile route through Britain, that he called “Walking Sacred Britain”. 20’44” 9.7MB

 Joanna Hall Joanna Hall former TV Fitness personality and best selling author, is the creator of the popular Walk-Active Programme. 20’10” 9.8 MB

Tom Hall It is hard to find anyone more enthusiastic in revealing the hidden histories of London while walking around its backstreets than Tom Hall. Once you learn he is Editorial Director, and as he says, London office general manager, of Lonely Planet Guides, you realise that maybe everyone there is similarly inclined. 11.1MB 23’44”

Nick Hallissey Nick Hallissey, Deputy Editor of Country Walking magazine.A professional walker and writer who has an encyclopeadic knowledge of walking routes throughout Britain.  For many, his must be the dream job, but as he reveals it is not just endless walks in the beautiful countryside, there’s research and meticulous preparation.11.4MB 24’19” Listen to Nick Hallissey’s 20×20 Vision of walking in 2040

Jez Hastings: Self-styled photo troubadour, Jez Hastings has been known to walk to an international walking conference, including a walk through Italy, Albania and Macedonia to reach a gathering in Prespas – walking long distances is in his blood.  Jez has developed his practice of ‘a pace of purpose without purpose’, of making art through experiencing landscapes on durational walks, and in taking fewer photographs…27’31” 12.9MB

Deirdre Heddon Deirdre Heddon  teaches theatre studies at the University of Glasgow, and who has a particular research interest in making the work of women walking artists more visible. The interview was recorded en route during a break in ‘The Walking Library’, a performance piece conceived by Dee and Misha Myers for the Sideways 2012 Walking and Art Festival. Recorded in August 2012. 18’54” 8.9MB

Deirdre Heddon‘s 5 year walking forecast [5 year walking forecast – November 2013] 4’32″ 2.1MB

Fiona Hesse, is the guest curator of WALK!, the current exhibition at the Schirn Kunsthalle Gallery in Frankfurt that includes work from more than 40 international artists.  Recorded over a Zoom call, it was Andrew Stuck’s pleasure to learn more about Fiona’s own journey to becoming a curator, her enthusiasm for contemporary art, and in how she  undertook a PhD on walking artist, Hamish Fulton. 24’51” 11.6MB

Dr Mayer Hillman Senior Fellow Emeritus at the Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster has tirelessly revealed inconsistencies in government policy  on mobility, social justice and climate change adaptation at the local, national and international level. [5 year walking forecast – October 2013] 4.1MB 8’47″

Richard Holden Richard Holden, a planner with Bristol City Council and George Ferguson CBE, an architect in the Bristol practice of Ferguson MannArchitects (and now Mayor of Bristol), join Andrew Stuck for a walk along the Brunel Mile in Bristol. Recorded on a blustery September day in 2008. 19’05” 8.9 MB

Leo Hollis Leo Hollis, author and historian, leads Andrew Stuck on a walk through the City of London, discussing how walking has revealed the history of this fascinating city. The interview was recorded in the summer of 2010 and published in September 2011. 20’45” 9.7MB

Martyn Howe There are 19 long distance national trails in the UK and you are about to hear from Martyn Howe, a man who has walked each of them, but he hasn’t stopped walking, and he is now completing the newly designated English coast path. 23’10” 11.1MB

Nick Hunt Nick Hunt followed in Patrick Leigh Fermor’s footsteps, walking from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul, recounting his seven month journey in a book entitled ‘Walking the Woods and the Water’. 29’27″14.5MB

Robert Huxford  Robert Huxford is Director of Britain’s Urban Design Group based in Clerkenwell, London. In this interview, recorded on a wet weekday morning while walking around Clerkenwell, with an almost constant background noise from motor traffic, Robert shares with us his enthusiasms for travel by foot.  14’43” 6.9 MB

Tim (far right)

Tim (far right)

Tim Ingram-Smith Scotsman Tim Ingram-Smith, realising his lack of knowledge of London, although having lived there for many years, has devised the London Spiral walk, a 300 mile sojourn from Kings Cross to Gravesend that he is completing in monthly sections – why not join him? 19’18” 18.9MB

Emma Jackson Emma Jackson, an urban sociologist at Goldsmith’s, University of London and the Director of the Centre of Urban and Community Research, as she tells him about how she uses walking in her research and in teaching her students. 22’52” 10.7MB

Peter Jaeger Peter Jaeger is Professor of Poetics at Roehampton University.  For over 30 years he has been making pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world, keeping journals of his discoveries and walks. He has composed Midamble a long form poem of book length, in which he has held to specific structural constraints for more than 400 pages. 10’28” 10.8MB

Laura Jennings Laura Jennings, a singer and performer talks about how she has incorporated walking into her practice through the development of audio walks, in which she creates characters that prompt interaction from participants with the environment through which they walk. 20’11” 9.5MB

Heather Johnston Heather Johnston is a Business Coach who works with clients, to strengthen their mental capital and wellbeing.  She is increasingly using walking and art in her work, as she believes the arts and creativity help to develop meaningfulness within people’s lives. [5 year walking forecast – December 2013] 5′.03″ 2.4MB

Paul Kelly Paul Kelly is a researcher and lecturer in physical activity at Edinburgh University. Working with Paths for All, the Scottish charity promoting walking and cycling, he has been investigating the measures that facilitate or obstruct people walking more. 23’41” 11.1MB Listen to Paul Kelly’s 20×20 Vision for walking

Jacky Kennedy  Jacky Kennedy is a walking activist from Toronto, who has a passion for walking and in helping others to make their communities more walkable. She works for Green Communities Canada, as their Director of Walking Programmes that includes their Active and Safe Routes to School initiative. She was one of the founders of International Walk to School and Canada Walks, and is a member of the conference strategy group of Walk21. The interview took place beside the Serpentine in Hyde Park, London in May 2008.27’32” 12.9 MB Listen to Jacky’s 20×20 Vision of walking in 2040.

Jacky Kennedy’s 5 year walking forecast [5 year walking forecast – October 2013] 2.6MB 5′ 28″

Julia Killingback Julia Killingback an author, illustrator and product designer is the creator of four Explore Walks Guides to Bristol and Clifton.  The route she had to follow to achieve this result was far from straight or smooth. 24′ 22″ 11.4MB

Martin Kohler  Martin Kohler, a professor in urban planning at Hafen City University in Hamburg talks about the Harbour Safari – part guided walk, part exploration of a lost quarter of the city, part art intervention. This interview was recorded over the Internet in December 2008. 17’45” 8.4MB 

Serena Korda  Walk Walk Walk: an archaeology of the familiar and the forgotten – is a live art project of Gail BurtonSerena Korda and Clare Qualmann 17′ 32″ 8.3MB

Bernadette Kowey Canadian walking activist, Bernadette Kowey, Regional Director of the British Columbian Way to Go project. The interview was recorded on two walks beside the sea in Vancouver in October 2007. 21’12″ 9.9MB

Ernie Kroeger  Ernie Kroeger devised and led the Walking and Art  residency held at the Banff Centre of Arts in the Canadian Rockies that took place in September and October 2007. One year on, in this interview, we hear Ernie’s reflections on the residency and how it has influenced his own art practice. 15′ 58″ 7.5MB

Photographer Quintin Lake set himself a daunting challenge, to walk and photograph the coastline of Great Britain.  It is turning into an 8-year project, as he is now editing hundreds of photographs he has taken on the coastal walks, around what he has aptly called ‘The Perimeter’. 26’02” 12.2MB

Wendy Landman is Executive Director of WalkBoston. In the blazing sun, she and Andrew Stuck walk along gravel paths, seeking shade, and discuss how walking and pleasurable walkable places are now seen as key elements of quality of life for increasing numbers of Americans. 25’21” 11.9MB

Charlie Lee Potter has a lifelong passion for working with sound especially in creatively weaving soundscapes to evoke places. As a former BBC radio journalist and foreign correspondent, she knows how the sound of a place helps to tell complicated stories and has applied this to a fascinating series of podcasts recorded on walks called “Inside a Mountain”. 25’50” 12.1MB

East Anglian storyteller Hugh Lupton has been walking the lanes and ways of Norfolk learning stories through walking, and sharing them across the globe. 20’27” 9.6MB

Anna Luyten is a Belgian academic working across a number of disciplines, including commercial journalism and non-fiction writing, theatre, change management and philosophy. Her interests include teaching by wandering, creating collective confusion amongst her students, and encouraging flexible gazing of the layers of daily life, all of which is engendered through walking. 18’02” 8.5MB

Rowena Macaulay Co-founder of Walk ColchesterRowena Macaulay is a chair user, passionate ‘walker’ and community champion. Although becoming paralysed some 15 years ago, her enthusiasm for getting out and about, and encouraging others to do the same, has not been dampened. 33’54″ 15.9MB Listen to Rowena’s 20×20 Vision for walking in 2040

Christine Mackey undertook an intriguing assignment for the Sideways Walking and Art Festival in Belgium in August 2012.  She carried a portable laboratory come studio to undertake a study of invasive plants through semi-rural semi-suburban Flanders. 16′ 06″ 7.5 MB

Riccardo Marini’s accent belies his Italian upbringing.  Formerly Design Lead for the City of Edinburgh, then as a director for Jan Gehl Architects and now as founder of Marini Urbanismo, he has worked with cities to make their commercial cores more people-friendly. 24’16” 11.4MB

Henry Mellor Henry Mellor is a former social worker and now a Makaton tutor, helping parents and carers to improve the communication skills of children with learning disabilities.Henry’s forecast is that if people could be rewarded tax credits for reducing their carbon footprint, then many of us would walk more. 3’55” 1.8MB  [5 year walking forecast – December 2013]

Alex Middleton is one of the creators of Vespucci Adventures, that encourages people to put away their smart phones, to walk in the ‘great outdoors’.  Working tirelessly over the last five years to build a business around a shared passion for walking.  It may be a passion, but as yet, it is not a profitable business.  Alex offers some candid advice to anyone considering turning their walking passion into a business.  26’44” 12.5MB

Graeme Miller Twenty radio transmitters were concealed along a three-mile route beside the M11 / A12 link road in east London by artist Graeme Miller, who in 2003 created a trail of sound that celebrated the everyday lives of the householders whose homes were destroyed along the route when the motorway link was built.22’18” 10.5MB

Duncan MinshullWhere My Feet Fall” is an anthology of essays on walking by 20 contemporary authors, brought  together by Duncan Minshull. “Where my feet fall” is not his first anthology of writing on walking, and Andrew Stuck is keen to establish, why he chose that topic, of all the ones he could from a lifetime career of choosing books for BBC radio. 18’56” 8.9MB

Blake Morris It is difficult to resist the infectiousness of Blake Morris’s enthusiasm for walking and walking art.  Originally from California, via Seattle, New York and now based in London, Blake is co-founder of Walk Exchange, an intriguing ‘think tank’ on foot in New York City. 22’57” 10.8MB

Sorrel Muggridge  Sorrel Muggridge, a Norfolk based artist talks about her work, that links walking to the social and physical geography of people’s everyday lives. We learn of the circumstances that brought about a fruitful collaboration with Laura Nanni, a Toronto based artist. The interview was recorded in Bunhill Row cemetery in the City of London in June 2008. 24′ 54″ 11.7 MB

Bruce Mowson Bruce Mowson is a sound artist living in Coburg, Melbourne. He has put years of studio recording experience behind him in making a piece called “Adventures in Sightlessness“.Recorded over the Internet in October 2016. 23’26” 11MB

Katrina Naomi Katrina Naomi, a poet and ardent walker, who lives in south London but yearns for wilder places in which to walk. She was the first Writer in Residence at the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, West Yorkshire. Recorded in September 2011 on a walk across Streatham Common. 16’32” 7.8MB

Idit Elia Nathan Idit Elia Nathan was brought up in Israel in the 1960s, her memories of playing in the streets of Jerusalem either side of the Six Day War have frequently influenced her thinking and actions, on how she, her children and all of us can and might ‘play the city’. 22’20” 10.5MB

Idit Nathan and Helen Stratford Idit Nathan & Helen Stratford are two visual and live artists, developing work about the urban spaces around us and how different audiences react to them in playful and performative ways. They believe that playful walking is a means by which citizens can reclaim their cities from the onslaught of modern profit- driven developments. [5 year walking forecast – December 2013] 7’44” 3.6MB Listen to their 20×20 Vision for walking in 2040

Geoff Nicholson Geoff Nicholson talks to Andrew Stuck about how he came to writing about the Lost Art of Walking – listen to this intriguing interview in which Geoff talks about some of the eccentrics from the world of walking. The interview was recorded over the Internet in March 2010 and is published to coincide with the UK publication of the Lost Art of Walking. 19’04” 8.9MB

Geoff Nicholson’s 5 year walking forecast [5 year walking forecast – October 2013] 5′ 21″ 2.5MB

Maggie O’Neill Maggie O’Neill is a leading academic researcher in criminology and sociology.  Walking is a key element of her ethnographic research into the lives of asylum seekers, the homeless, refugees and sex workers in England’s northern cities. Walking Borders is her most recent work. 20’05” 9.4MB

Helen Ottaway  Helen Ottaway is a musician and composer, and Frome resident for 22 years, who has been invited to curate LISTEN: A Season of Sound Art taking place in Frome from the 20 July until Sound Walk Sunday on the 1 September, 2019. 21’24” 10 MB

Lise Pape Danish-born innovation design engineer and med-tech entrepreneur, Lise Pape, with her Path-Finder and Path-Feel shoe accessories, is developing products that will help Parkinson’s sufferers, those with diabetes, and other sensory neuropathy conditions, to improve their mobility and lives.  22’19” 10.5MB

Ella Parry-Davies Ella Parry-Davies, a post-doctoral researcher at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, has been facilitating homemakersounds.org, a collection of soundwalks made with Filipina domestic and care workers employed “behind closed doors” in the Lebanon and the UK. 21’12” 9.9MB

Rick Pearson invites others to accompany him climbing the summits of the highest peaks in each London borough, publishing their conversations as podcasts.  Andrew Stuck joins him as they walk to Westerham Heights, not only the highest point in the borough of Bromley, but the highest in the whole of London. 23′ 32″ 11.0MB

Tim Pharoah What do we mean by walkability? What makes a neighbourhood walkable and why does it matter?  These are questions put to Tim Pharoah, a transport researcher who has been championing mobility on foot for more than 40 years. 13.5MB 28’33”

Julie Poitras Santos Chatting to Julie Poitras Santos, you can’t help but be enthused by her sheer exuberance about her work in bringing people together to walk and tell each other stories. She is currently exploring people’s sense of getting lost and the techniques they use to find their way again, both physically and metaphorically. Recorded in August 2017. 24’31” 11.5MB.  Listen to Julie’s 20×20 Vision for walking.

Lisa Pook Lisa Pook is a fun-loving outdoorsy woman, just an ordinary person (so she says), but she has chosen an adventure that one can’t help thinking is a bit bonkers – not least because it is hard to grasp where she is planning to go, or how she will know when she actually gets there. 22’34” 10.6MB

Simon Pope  Simon Pope, walking artist and author of London Walking. The interview took place in November 2007.  22′ 40″ 10.6MB

Ali Pretty Ali Pretty, carnival designer and large silk artist turned long distance walker – join her on a walk around the eight White Horses in Wiltshire in August 2013. 20′ 47′ 9.7MB

Clare Qualmann  Walk Walk Walk: an archaeology of the familiar and the forgotten – is a live art project of Gail BurtonSerena Korda and Clare Qualmann 17′ 32″ 8.3MB

Dan Raven-Ellison Dan Raven-Ellison describes himself as a guerrilla geographer. He has walked the length of Britain, criss-crossed several global cities, and is about to invite all Londoners to venture into the world’s first National Park City.  Recorded in April 2019 34’41” 16.3MB

Listen to John Reed’s 20×20 Vision for walking

Veronica Reynolds Veronica Reynolds, from Walk England, takes her local walking route accompanied by Beans & Sparky her two Jack Russell terriers.  Recorded in August 2009. 23’23” 11MB

Australian, Julian Rickert Julian Rickert is a founder member of internationally acclaimed theatre group ‘one step at a time like this’. Taking to the streets they create performances for audiences of one at a time, in which you as the audience member engage both imaginatively and directly with the city and passers-by. 24’20” 11.4MB

Tim Ridley Tim Ridley who led a series of group walks across Epsom and Ashtead Commons called Art Walks 2013. [5 year walking forecast – December 2013]  4’14” 2.0MB

Alexandra Rook  Alexandra Rook, Project Director of Walk London, overseeing 350 miles of strategic walking routes in and around the capital. 18′ 30″ 8.7 MB

Jody Rosenblatt Naderi Professor Jody Rosenblatt Naderi, Chair of the Landscape Architecture Department, at Ball State University, in Indiana in the USA. The interview begins with Jody talking about her research into street trees and their effect on driver and pedestrian behaviour.  We discuss how cities can be judged on how civilised they are by the quality of the walking environment they offer and ends with a discussion of Jody’s research into the Philosopher’s walk.  35’02” 16.4MB

Ben Rossiter Ben Rossiter, Executive Officer of Victoria Walks, an Australian walking promotion body based in the state of Victoria, accompanies Andrew Stuck from Rethinking Cities on a walk from London’s Covent Garden across the Thames. 20′ 30″ 9.6MB

Pam Rouquette Active travel and environmental activist Pam Rouquette has given Andrew Stuck a walk as a birthday present. Pam has been the powerhouse behind Walking for Health in Salisbury and has been devising and leading healthy walks in Salisbury for 25 years. 28’28” 13.6MB

Satsymph On a visit to LISTEN: A Season of Sound Art taking place in Frome, Somerset,  Andrew Stuck participates in an immersive geo-located audio piece called ‘Walking Memories’ composed by Phill Phelps and Ralph Hoyte, two of three partners who make up creative team Satsymph. 19’19” 9.0MB Listen to Ralph Hoyte’s 20×20 Vision

Jenny Savage Jenny Savage is intent on getting lost. She creates ambient soundscape audio walks punctuated with instructions on various routes to follow, none necessarily the right route.  23’38” 11.1MB

Dieter Schwab Dieter Schwab formed the Austrian Pedestrian Organisation a little over 8 years ago, to rally supporters in every echelon of government, to plan how they could put the pedestrian first in their strategic plans and policies. 10.1M 21’48” Dieter Schwab  also contributed a 5 year walking forecast: he believes it will be in those places that offer the best infrastructure for walking, where one will see significant growth in walking.  [5 year walking forecast – December 2013]

Amy Sharrocks Winner of the inaugural Sculpture Shock prize of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, London-born and raised Amy Sharrocks, talks about her love of her home town, and how much she enjoys sharing discoveries with fellow walkers and swimmers.

Adam Shaw worked for 13 years on the ‘front line’ of the NHS as a nurse on a heart ward, has used his experiences there to develop Walk Innovation, a health and personal development programme to help people overcome stress and avoid heart disease. Recorded on a walk around St Albans in May 2011. 19’48” 9.3MB

Julius Smit Former specialist photographer in an academic library, Julius Smit has always been fascinated by the composition of words and pictures. Through a series of walks on the South Downs and in and around Eastbourne where he now lives, Julius has been publishing ‘zines and chapbooks of his poetry and photography, that he has printed and gives away to people he meets on his walks. 29’51” 14 MB

 Richard Smith packs a lot into one life: a gynaecology cancer consultant and surgeon, womb-transplant specialist, academic author and father of four.  However, it is his enthusiasm for walking long distances, chanting while walking, and discovering pilgrimage sites that has drawn Andrew to him. 22’48” 10.7MB Listen to Richard Smith’s 20×20 Vision of walking in 2040.

Ryan Snyder is a transportation planner based in Los Angeles.  He has coordinated the publication of the Model Design Manual for Living Streets, a template that is being adapted by hundreds of towns and communities across the States, helping them to realign their transportation policies putting people rather than vehicles as their key priority.  [5 year walking forecast – December 2013] 4’24” 2.2MB

Duncan Speakman modestly describes himself as an ‘outsider artist’ and a ‘jack of all trades’ with no formal arts training and experience gained as a composer, sound engineer, documentary post production, digital artist and now writer. A composer of “walking pieces” Duncan likes to think that his work is making you more present in the city, using sounds and music in ways to shape our experience. September 2017 24’29” 11.5MB

Charlotte Spencer Projects An audio walk part scripted with directional instructions, the genius of Walking Stories is the way in which it allows participants to follow their own course whilst all listening to the same soundtrack. 29’45” 13.9MB

Foster Spragge  Foster Spragge, is a painter, who while searching for a venue in the City of London criss-crossed the Square Mile in a deliberate way recording her route by making pencil marks on a large piece of paper. Recorded in July 2012 at Foster’s south London studio. 19’34” 9.2MB

Jonathon Stalls In 2010 Jonathon Stalls walked from Delaware to California, crossing the United States on foot in 242 days. Quite an endeavour but it pales besides what he has achieved in the last ten years. He is the founder and creator of Walk2Connect walking beside thousands of people. 32’28” 15.2MB

Graham Stevens  Graham Stevens an environmental scientist, avant garde artist and inventor walks the Robert Hooke trail as part of the “Freshwater Dialogues” for Dimbola on the Isle of Wight in September 2010. 19’56” 9.4 MB

Lizzy Stewart Children’s book illustrator and comic book artist, Lizzy Stewart, when drawing herself, draws herself walking – striding confidently across the urban scene. Her latest book, called “Walking Distance” is a personal account of the way she sees her life out and about on foot – she argues that walking is the ‘clearest way to participate in life’. 20’22” 10.4MB

Tim Stonor Tim Stonor is the Managing Director of Space Syntax Ltd, that are specialists in the scientific analysis of pedestrian behaviour, forecasting where people will walk, cycle, drive or be driven, should a change in the street pattern or built environment be altered. Recorded in St Andrew’s Gardens in Bloomsbury, just a short walk from Space Syntax’s offices, in June 2013.

Phoebe Taplin  Phoebe Taplin, a freelance journalist and international walk route author.  In her effort to discover the city, she formed a walking group and researched where to walk in Moscow. Recorded in May 2011 on a walk around residential streets in Bishops Stortford, a marked contrast from many of the walks in Moscow. 20’39” 9.7MB

Sharon Thompson Sharon Thompson is a vocalist, soundscape producer and walking artist.  Turning her musical skills to support environmental campaigning, she also develops site-responsive works for ‘one step at a time like this’.16’35” 7.8MB

Ole Thorson is a former President of the International Federation of Pedestrians.   Measuring pedestrian mobility and use of sidewalks and crossings, will become more prevalent in traffic management and infrastructure projects in cities in the future, according to Ole, who firmly believes that such data will provide the necessary evidence for improved mobility for pedestrians, and fairer share of highway space, not just in our cities but in rural areas too. [5 year walking forecast – August 2013] 7’54” 3.6 MB

Peter Tombrowski  Peter Tombrowski video documentary maker, author and walking resident of Calgary in Canada, talks about his philosophy and way of life, that he describes as Urban Camping. 18′ 45″ 8.8MB

Peter Tombrowski‘s 5 year walking forecast 4’28” 2.1MB [5 year walking forecast – November 2013]

Matt Tomasulo Matt Tomasulo is the founder of  Raleigh-based Walk [Your City] that helps communities promote walkability by combining wayfinding signage with web-based campaign management and data collection. W[YC]’s Sign Builder allows anyone to design and produce inexpensive, easy-to-install directional signs, complete with map-linked QR codes. The goal? Breaking down perceived barriers of distance, and inspiring bigger conversations and actions that ultimately shift cities towards a culture of walking. 25’46” 12.1MB

Tough SolesTough Soles“, aka Ellie Berry and Carl Lange, set themselves a challenge to walk and make video recordings of each of the 42 national way marked trails in Ireland. This adventure was in part to better understand their home country, and grew to be an awareness-raising project encouraging others to discover the trails and the countryside through which they pass. 28’53” 13.5MB

Hana Sutch Five years ago when looking for places to get close to nature with her toddler, Hana Sutch found it proved to be absurdly difficult. Hana became convinced that what was needed was a simple app to help solve this problem facing many parents.  She applied her digital design skills and came up with Go Jauntly. 26’20” 12.3MB

Susan Trangmar  Artist and Lecturer in Fine Art at Central St Martins School of Art & Design, now part of the University of Arts, London, Susan Trangmar is a visual artist working in the context of landscape, place and site and in particular the evolving relationships between material formations of ‘nature’ and ‘culture’. 24’42” 11.6MB

Nick Tyler carrying a cardboard boxNick Tyler Nick Tyler is Chadwick Chair of Civil Engineering at University College London and is the director of PAMELA one of the largest research laboratories in the country. 29′.44″ 13.9MB

Stefaan van Biesen Walking in silence and stepping lightly on the ground are two rules with which Belgian artist, Stefaan van Biesen frequently asks his companions and participants to comply. 22’44” 10.7MB Listen to Stefaan’s 20×20 Vision for walking in 2040

Stefan van der Spek is an Associate Professor of Urban Design and Director of the Geomatics Educational Programme at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, in their Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment. His research includes tracking people on foot using GPS receivers, following them through shopping and town centres, to visualise how they use the built environment. [5 year walking forecast – December 2013] 4’43” 2.2MB

Andrea Vassallo has create an installation in which gallery visitors will be able to experience walking beside him on a walk from his home in Lancing (UK) to his childhood home on the outskirts of Venice (Italy) during the summer of 2021. 28’47” 13.5MB

Geert Vermeire Geert Vermeire, an organiser of Made of Walking and a walking poet and philosopher, in his on right.  Recorded at the 2017 Made of Walking in La Romieu, France dew to a close. 26′ 12″ 12.3MB

Dawn Vernon Dawn Vernon, played an instrumental part in the development of the Walking for Health project. The interview was recorded on a walk across the Wiltshire Downs near Salisbury in April, 2010. 20′ 53″ 9.8MB

Ben Waddington Getting under the skin of a city like Birmingham isn’t something you can do overnight, although that was how Ben Waddington and a group friends began their quest some ten years ago. Ben quickly recognised that he couldn’t be an expert in all things Birmingham and has since set out to help others reveal what is under the city’s skin, by setting up the Still Walking Festival, and supporting local people to tell their stories. Published April 2016. 25’07” 11.4MB

Jamie Wallace  Jamie Wallace is the social entrepreneur behind on-line walking route finder Walkit.com 20′ 30″ 9.6 MB

David Watson David Watson is an Australian photomedia artist and writer intrigued by ‘progress’. In 2012 he completed Wild Ryde, a doctorate fuelled by the ‘findings’ of a slow, six-year walking and swimming pilgrimage across suburban Sydney. 19’59” 9.4MB

Diana Wesser Diana Wesser is co-founder of The Leipzig City Quarter Expeditions an intriguing walking art project which debunks prejudices about urban neighbourhoods. Diana Wesser and collaborator Antje Rademacker, both living in Leipzig, devised a project in which residents had a chance to tell their stories about living in these places, revealing just how different actuality is from perception. 21’10” 9.9MB

Elinor Whidden  Elinor Whidden, sculptor, video and performance and walking artist who has tackled two key North American obsessions, the motor car and the western frontier. 20′ 25″ 9.6 MB Listen to Elinor Whidden’s 20×20 Vision for walking

Danielle Wilson Danielle Wilson, a labyrinth facilitator based in London, talks to Andrew Stuck about labyrinths and how through walking them, people can experience a walking meditation. 9.7 MB 20′ 46″

Sara Wookey Sara Wookey is a creative dancer and choreographer, who works as a movement consultant to Los Angeles’ Metro Transit the underground public transport system, winning over discretionary metro riders to experience the city on public transport beside discovering life on foot.  Walking in LA was the means by which Sara discovered the city when she moved there in 2006. 24’09” 13.1MB

Tim Wright  Tim Wright who describes himself as a digital author and producer, recorded on a Blake walk devised by Tim from nearby Waterloo station in London. 21’48” 10.2MB

Elizabeth Wrigley Elizabeth Wrigley runs Core Connections, working with clients in urban design and masterplanning.  A 5 year walking was prompted by listening to that of Geoff Nicholson, Sheffield born author now Hollywood resident whose forecast you can listen to  as well on Talking Walking. [5 year walking forecast – December 2013] 3’57” 1.8MB

Leon Yates Leon Yates Urban designer and author of the Pedestrian Strategy for the City of Melbourne Listen to Leon’s 202×20 Vision for walking in 2040

Claudia Zieske Claudia Zieske is the founding Director for The Walking Institute, in Scotland and co-creator of the “Slow Marathon” in which participants can walk as slowly as they like, along a route devised by a different guest artist each year. 17.30″ 8.2MB

Yannis Ziogas Yannis Ziogas accompanies Andrew Stuck on a walk through near-deserted streets in Gerona, close to midnight, talking about Yannis’ unique bond with Prespa, on the disputed, remote northern border of Greece. 32’26” 15.2MB