Idit Nathan & Helen Stratford – a 20×20 Vision for walking

Idit Nathan & Helen Stratford (UK) are from the fields of art and architecture

What’s in their Vision for walking in 2040….

Idit Nathan & Helen Stratford invite you to “play the city now or never” – bringing more fun and play to your day to day walks. They hope to see walking better served in terms of the planning of urban infrastructures; finding ways to increase access to natural landscapes. – a 5 minute listen.

Recording made at 5pm on 2nd December 2020, whilst walking through deciduous woodland along the boundary line of Suffolk and East Cambridgeshire, somewhere between the A142, the Ipswich to Ely railway line, Turners lorry park and the village of Landwade.

Download a transcript of this 20×20 Vision

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