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Interviews with walking activists

Ben Rossiter talking walking


VitoriaWalkslogoBen Rossiter, Executive Officer of Victoria Walks, an Australian walking promotion body based in the state of Victoria, accompanies Andrew Stuck from Rethinking Cities on a walk from London’s Covent Garden across the Thames. 20′ 30″ 9.6MB

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Tony Armstrong talking walking


Tony Armstrong of Living Streets, LSlogoBritain’s leading campaigners on behalf of the pedestrian talks about how they are lobbying the government for better streets. This interview was recorded in December 2008. 19’24” 9.1 MB

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STOP PRESS: In July 2014, Tony Armstrong left Living Streets to become the CEO of Locality

Des de Moor talking walking


An interview with Des de Moor on his walk to work at RamblerslogoThe Ramblers, where Des is Senior Everyday Walking officer. It was recorded early in the morning on a bright day in December 2008. 23’42” 11.1MB

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Anne Devine talking walking


Fabulous shadow

Anne Devine, a Catskills based artist, part social activist, part expeditionary, talks about how she incorporates walking in her art practice.  Join her as she talks about some wild adventures from crossing her local streets to the shores of Cape Canaveral and to high altitudes in the Sierras. 19’02” 8.9MB

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Anne made a 5 year walking forecast in August 2013

Photo credit: Charlie Spaeth

Jacky Kennedy talking walking


Jacky Kennedy is a walking activist from Toronto, who has a passion for walking and in helping others to make their communities more walkable. She works for Green Communities Canada, as their Director of Walking Programmes that includes their Active and Safe Routes to School initiative. Active-and-Safe-routes-to-schoolShe was one of the founders of International Walk to School and Canada Walks, and is a member of the conference strategy group of Walk21. The interview took place beside the Serpentine in Hyde Park, London in May 2008.27’32” 12.9 MB

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In October 2013, Jacky made a 5 year walking forecast, you can listen to it here

Peter Tombrowski talking walking


Interview with Peter Tombrowski video documentary maker, author and walking resident of Calgary in Canada, talks about his philosophy and way of life, that he describes as Urban Camping. 18′ 45″ 8.8MB

CarLessPeter and his wife Andrea are making a movie called “Car Less in Calgary” – you can watch the official trailer through their Facebook page by clicking here.

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Peter Tombrowski has made a 5 year walking forecast – listen to it here.

Bernadette Kowey talking walking


Interview with Canadian walking activist, Bernadette Kowey, Regional Director of the British Columbian Way to Go project. The interview was recorded while taking two walks beside the sea in Vancouver. 21’12” 9.9MB

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