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Interviews with people who work in the built environment and transport sectors to improve pedestrian quality and making places more walkable

Leon Yates talking walking


Urban designer Leon Yates was the author of the City of Melbourne’s walking strategy: he provides an insight into what makes a great Australian street. 19′ 8″ 9 MB

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STOP PRESS In 2015 Leon Yates took the decision to leave the field of urban design to set up an ice cream parlour and community cafe in Bichinoe, Tasmania – I sea scoops opens on 1 October, 2015 you read about it on Facebook, and get a free scoop by mentioning you heard Leon first on Talking Walking!  Name an urban designer flavour!

Jacky Kennedy talking walking


Jacky Kennedy is a walking activist from Toronto, who has a passion for walking and in helping others to make their communities more walkable. She works for Green Communities Canada, as their Director of Walking Programmes that includes their Active and Safe Routes to School initiative. Active-and-Safe-routes-to-schoolShe was one of the founders of International Walk to School and Canada Walks, and is a member of the conference strategy group of Walk21. The interview took place beside the Serpentine in Hyde Park, London in May 2008.27’32” 12.9 MB

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In October 2013, Jacky made a 5 year walking forecast, you can listen to it here