About Talking Walking


Listen to artists, specialists and walkers talking about how walking inspires their work and shapes our world. Simply subscribe to these free podcasts.

If you have something to say about the world of walking, we encourage you to contribute comments and get in touch so we may record an interview with you for a future podcast. Email us at Talking Walking

Some history

A Walking and Art residency at the Banff Centre in the Canadian Rockies in October 2007, was the setting for a number of interviews with artists who incorporate walking in their practice, under the banner of the “Museum of Walking“.  How to share their enthusiasms was the challenge, and Talking Walking, we hope, will be a solution.

Talking Walking is a project set up by Andrew Stuck from Rethinking Cities.  Rethinking Cities provides advice to the built environment, health and transport sectors, so Andrew is in a unique position to interview artists and specialists from the world of walking.

What you will find on  Talking Walking

Primarily, we will be publishing podcasts.  Our intention is to publish a new 15-30 minute podcast every 6 to 8 weeks.  Issues or sources mentioned in these podcasts will be listed and where possible links will be created so you can follow up on the topics or issues discussed.

Use this facility to e mail comments, (we will endeavour to incorporate them in forthcoming podcasts).

Want to listen to our podcasts through iTunes?  We too!  iTunes accepted our first 26 episodes yet subsequently has chosen to not recognise our feed.  If you can shed light on how we get re-listed please let us know.

2013 marked 5 years since we published our first interviews.  We marked the anniversary by asking thought leaders to make a 5 year walking forecast

Talking Walking brings you on-location interviews and several recorded using Internet telephony.  Our aim is to publish a podcast every 6 – 8 weeks. We try to provide a variety of voices for you to listen to, including designers, artists, activists, writers and those of us who have a passion for just taking a walk.