Ryan Snyder – walking 5 years from now

Ryan Snyder is a transportation planner based in Los Angeles California.  In conjunction with a number of authors, he has coordinated the publication of a street manual called the Model Design Manual for Living Streets, a template that is being adapted by hundreds of towns and communities across the States, helping them to realign their transportation policies putting people rather than vehicles as their key priority.

Ryan draws on what has been happening in the last five years, in which there has been a noticeable cultural change in transportation policies, with more funding being made available for accommodating pedestrians and cyclists.  New York City and San Francisco have led the way in making simple and quick fixes to reassign road space away from vehicles to pedestrians and cyclists, Ryan believes other cities will follow.  However, it will still be some time yet, before the more costly junction and intersection changes will be made that will enable people to foot or bike to cross more easily. 4’24″” 2.2MB

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