Anne Devine – walking 5 years from now

Anne Devine is an American endurance walking artist who lives within the Catskill Mountain Park in upstate New York.  The area was made famous in the 18th century by the Hudson River School of Artists.  The mountain’s lakes, reservoirs and rivers provide the water for New York City.  It is an area rich in apple orchards and Anne is currently developing work on the Westwind organic apple orchard. Anne’s 5 year walking forecast offers a future for walking whether you are wealthy or not.

She feels that with mounting household debt, and hikes in the price of oil, that walking will become more of a necessity, for a large number of families in America.  On the other end of the wealth scale, popularised by Sir Richard Branson’s desire for space tourism, and the Russian suggestion of launching a space hotel, that there will be a huge uptake in walking in space, and in trying out walking in weightlessness. 6’10” 2.9MB

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Photo credit: Charlie Spaeth / Green Scene